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Technology and endangered languages – data are always welcome!

Endangered Languages is a website that aims to provide information about endangered languages and to support the revitalization of these languages. According to the website, an endangered language is a language that is at risk of falling out of use, often because it is spoken by a small, geographically isolated community.

The website provides a database of endangered languages, including information about the number of speakers, the geographic location where the language is spoken, and the status of the language (such as “severely endangered” or “critically endangered”). It also includes resources for language revitalization, such as best practices and case studies, and information about language-related events and conferences.

Users can access the website to consult the materials and to contribute by submitting information and data in form of: text, audio or video files. Users can access also organized in Google Groups.

The project is managed at the moment by First Peoples’ Cultural Council and the Endangered Languages Catalogue team at Eastern Michigan University in coordination with the Governance Council.

Click on this link to start exploring the interactive map.

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