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Grammarly, check your spell

Grammarly checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations. You can copy paste any English text into Grammarly’s online text editor, or install Grammarly’s free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. I installed the extension on Chrome, it's faster and doesn't require to subscribe to their website. It's useful the fact that the software… Continue reading Grammarly, check your spell

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Ask Ludwig Guru and you’ll write in perfect English, or almost…

Google’s little cousin specialized in computational linguistics.

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Need a local interpreter? Try Linqapp live!

I've been testing this app since a couple of weeks. I like 3 main characteristics: 1. People all over the world can ask and answer questions about all your selected languages. I got questions about grammar rules, lexicon, a user asked me to proofread his exercises... 2. I got also requests of interpretation and I could request them… Continue reading Need a local interpreter? Try Linqapp live!

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Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is the automatic use and elaboration of natural language, to identify and extract subjective information form different on-line sources. It is widely employed to analyse social media reputation of a variety of applications: from marketing to customer service. Sentiment analysis can be used in a number of fields, in this video you'll see… Continue reading Sentiment analysis

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ELAN vs Google Machine translation test

A Japanese recipe was translated, once with ELAN and once with Google Translate. A chef cooked the two translated recipes and served the different dishes to passersby.  

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Easy Chinese?

The aim of Chineasy’s method is to allow learners to recognize characters through simple illustrations. Following the building block principle – blocks, compounds and phrases – the student will learn basic Chinese characters, then will start making the first sentences.    

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Software localization – QT Linguist

QT internationalization and localization tool is very useful. It doesn't allow however the creation and maintenance of translation memories. If you are using QT to code it is ok - with a better "translation management" features it will be perfect. The following features are available: QCollator: it compares strings according to a localized collation algorithm QCollatorSortKey: it… Continue reading Software localization – QT Linguist

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3 reasons to try machine translation

1. MT may be a cheap and quick solution to understand each other If you work in an international environment you get used to communicate with people coming from different countries and don’t realize your brain localizes automatically. But even if you know some languages, there are a lot you don’t understand at all…Few days ago… Continue reading 3 reasons to try machine translation

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A wearable Text-Reading Device

FingerReader is a wearable device that assists in reading printed and digital text. It was created by the Fluid Interfaces group from the MIT Media Lab. This tool is both for visually impaired people, as well as an aid for language translation. Users can scan a text line with their finger and receive an audio… Continue reading A wearable Text-Reading Device

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Swype, a living keyboard

The keyboard learns really fast and it is easy to use. Just check if you have enough space on your smartphone to install it.