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Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is the automatic use and elaboration of natural language, to identify and extract subjective information form different on-line sources. It is widely employed to analyse social media reputation of a variety of applications: from marketing to customer service. Sentiment analysis can be used in a number of fields, in this video you'll see… Continue reading Sentiment analysis


The Top 100 Language Service Providers by common sense advisory

This is a very interesting publication about the biggest world companies providing linguistic services. Follow the link to get the full report


The history of English in 10 minutes and 10 chapters

  This video was created in 2011 by the iTunes U team. It is distributed by The Open University.


How to present your book, the best example

If you don't understand Italian, play the video, click on captions icon to enable captions or subtitles. Click then on settings icon -> subtitles -> Auto-translate -> then choose your language.