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Calltrunk – so you don’t need to take notes

It is a a good tool for business and study. All information you need are stored and indexed, if you want transcribed. ARGOsearch is the software you will use to browse your recorded conversations. Calltrunk is a tool you can use to record and store your phone conversations, now it’s also integrated in Skype.

2 thoughts on “Calltrunk – so you don’t need to take notes”

  1. Nice idea, but it will take a long time to include “fringe” languages (consider just the EU: Estonian, Latvian, Slovene, Slovak, Gaeilge…), if they will be included at all.

  2. ARGOsearch currently uses an English language model. As we work to recognize all the different English accents, our plan is to build different language models into ARGOsearch as quickly as we can.

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