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Software localization – QT Linguist

Qt Linguist is a tool that is part of the Qt framework, which is a cross-platform application development framework that is widely used to develop applications for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It is a localization tool that is used to translate the user interface of Qt applications into different languages. It provides a user-friendly interface for translators to work with and includes features such as translation memory, which helps to ensure that translations are consistent across different parts of an application. Qt Linguist is typically used by developers to internationalize their Qt applications, which means making it easy to translate the application into different languages.

Qt Linguist provides a number of features and functionalities to help translators localize Qt applications:

  1. Translation memory. Qt Linguist uses a translation memory to store translations of phrases and sentences that have been previously translated. When a translator is working on a new translation, Qt Linguist will show them any matches in the translation memory and suggest the previous translation as a suggestion. This helps to ensure consistency in translations and can save time for the translator.
  2. Context information. This tool provides context information for each phrase or sentence that needs to be translated, which can help translators understand how the text is used in the application and choose the most appropriate translation.
  3. Editing tools. Qt Linguist includes a number of tools to help translators edit and review translations, including a spell checker, a find and replace tool, and a tool for marking translations as finished or reviewed.
  4. Translation files: It uses translation files to store translations, and these files can be exported and imported as needed. This makes it easy to share translations with other translators or to use the same translations in different versions of an application.
  5. Translation review. Qt Linguist includes a translation review tool that allows translators to review and approve translations that have been completed by other translators. This can be useful for ensuring the quality of translations in large localization projects.

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