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WebCorp – web as corpus

WebCorp is a collection of tools and resources that allow users to analyze and explore the vast amount of linguistic data available on the web. It provides a platform for researchers and students to study language use in a wide range of contexts, including social media, blogs, news articles, and other online sources. WebCorp allows users to search and analyze large amounts of web-based text using a variety of advanced tools and techniques, including text analysis, corpus linguistics, and natural language processing. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in studying language use and communication on the web.

Some of the features and tools available on WebCorp

  • Search and text analysis tools: WebCorp allows users to search for specific terms and phrases in large collections of web-based text. It also offers advanced text analysis tools that allow users to analyze the frequency, distribution, and context of specific words and phrases within a given corpus of text.
  • Corpus linguistics tools: it includes a range of corpus linguistics tools that allow users to analyze language use and patterns within a given corpus. These tools can help users identify common collocations, word associations, and other linguistic patterns within a text.
  • Natural language processing tools: WebCorp offers a range of natural language processing tools that allow users to analyze and understand the meaning and structure of text. These tools can help users identify named entities, recognize patterns and trends in text, and extract insights from large collections of text.
  • Visualization tools: the application includes a range of visualization tools that allow users to explore and analyze linguistic data in a visual format. These tools can help users understand and communicate the results of their analyses in a clear and concise way.
  • Collaboration and sharing: WebCorp includes tools that allow users to collaborate and share their analyses with other researchers and students. Users can create and share annotated corpora, collaborate on projects, and share their findings with others.

WebCorp was created and is maintained by the Research and Development Unit for English Studies in the School of English at the Birmingham City University.

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