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Enhance Your Translation Workflow: Wordfast and Google Translate in Tandem

Wordfast stands as an advanced translation memory software, offering robust capabilities to efficiently translate diverse documents and websites. Beyond its core functionalities, it boasts seamless integration with a spectrum of machine translation tools, including Google Translate. This integration empowers users by offering real-time translation suggestions, enhancing the translation process and boosting productivity while working on diverse language projects.

To integrate Wordfast with Google Translate, start by setting up a Google Cloud account to obtain an API key. After securing your API key, proceed to configure Wordfast by following these steps:

  1. Within Wordfast, navigate to the “Translation” tab and select the “Machine Translation” button.
  2. In the “Machine Translation” window, click “Add” to introduce a new machine translation provider.
  3. Within the “Add Machine Translation Provider” window, opt for “Google Translate” from the dropdown menu labeled “Provider.”
  4. Input your Google Cloud API key into the designated “API Key” field.
  5. Choose the specific languages for translation under the “Source Language” and “Target Language” dropdown menus.
  6. Click “Test Connection” to verify the connectivity between Wordfast and the Google Translate API using your API key.
  7. Upon a successful connection, click “OK” to save the machine translation provider settings.

Once configured, Wordfast seamlessly utilizes Google Translate to translate your documents. As you work on a segment, Wordfast will transmit the text to Google Translate, offering translation suggestions based on the translated text. You can refine these suggestions as necessary and save the edited translation to your translation memory.

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