Machine translation and editing

ElaN Languages is a translation company offering a number of services: copywriting, linguistic revision, SEO copywriting and translation, post-editing, subtitling and voice-over, interpreting. They offer also a free  and very well done machine translation tool.

Linguee is a website and mobile app that provides translations and examples of how words and phrases are used in context. It uses a combination of machine translation and a large corpus of bilingual texts to provide translations for multiple languages. It also provides examples of how words and phrases are used in context, taken from real-life texts like websites, news articles, and books, which can help users understand the nuances of language usage. Additionally, thewebsite and app offers a thesaurus function, grammar reference and many other features that help users to understand languages better.

The Microsoft Language Portal is an online resource provided by Microsoft that aims to help users better understand and use the many different languages and cultures supported by Microsoft products and services. The website provides a wide range of resources to help users learn about different languages and cultures, including detailed information about the grammar, vocabulary, and writing conventions of specific languages, as well as translations and localization tips for software developers and localization engineers. It also includes cultural notes, which helps users to be more aware of cultural differences across different languages and geographies. Additionally, it provides Translation Memory, which is a tool for machine-aided translation that stores translations of previously translated segments of text, which can be re-used later.
TAUS Data Marketplace is a website that aims to provide a platform for businesses and organizations to buy and sell machine-translated data, which is a pre-translated data that can be used to train and fine-tune machine translation systems. The website is maintained by TAUS, which is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of advanced translation technologies to improve communication between different languages and cultures.

Ludwig Guru is a sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources.