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Find your job after your degree in languages in 5 steps

Determine what type of job you are interested in. Do you want to work in translation, interpretation, language teaching, or something else? Knowing what type of job you want will help you focus your job search and tailor your job application materials. Update your resume and cover letter. Make sure your resume and cover letter… Continue reading Find your job after your degree in languages in 5 steps

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Pleco software – easy Chinese?

Pleco is a software company that produces Chinese language learning and reference tools, including a popular mobile app called Pleco Chinese Dictionary. The Pleco Chinese Dictionary app is a comprehensive Chinese-English dictionary that includes features such as handwriting recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), and audio pronunciation. It also includes a variety of study aids, such… Continue reading Pleco software – easy Chinese?

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Visual dictionary app by Pons

PONS is a company that produces language learning resources, including dictionaries and other reference materials. They offer a visual dictionary app that allows users to look up words and see illustrations and photos to help understand their meanings. With the PONS Picture Dictionary you can view, listen to and learn words, translations, images and audio files.… Continue reading Visual dictionary app by Pons