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Need a local interpreter? Try Linqapp live!

I've been testing this app since a couple of weeks. I like 3 main characteristics: 1. People all over the world can ask and answer questions about all your selected languages. I got questions about grammar rules, lexicon, a user asked me to proofread his exercises... 2. I got also requests of interpretation and I could request them… Continue reading Need a local interpreter? Try Linqapp live!

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Easy Chinese?

The aim of Chineasy’s method is to allow learners to recognize characters through simple illustrations. Following the building block principle – blocks, compounds and phrases – the student will learn basic Chinese characters, then will start making the first sentences.    

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Duolingo was created by Luis von Ahn, PhD, and Severin Hacker, PhD,  its headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The company keeps on adding supported languages and winning prizes. Is it possible to learn a new language while offering translations in the same language combination? Maybe, watch the video to see how Duolingo works.