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3 reasons to try machine translation

1. MT may be a cheap and quick solution to understand each other If you work in an international environment you get used to communicate with people coming from different countries and don’t realize your brain localizes automatically. But even if you know some languages, there are a lot you don’t understand at all…Few days ago… Continue reading 3 reasons to try machine translation

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Interview with Marja Vaba – Translation Quality Manager

Marja Vaba is a Translation Quality Manager working for one of the biggest and most innovative IT world companies. Her contribution is very useful to understand in which direction the translation/localization is going towards terminology management. 1) Linda Burchi: Could you please introduce yourself? What is your academic background, work experience and current position? Marja… Continue reading Interview with Marja Vaba – Translation Quality Manager


The Top 100 Language Service Providers by common sense advisory

This is a very interesting publication about the biggest world companies providing linguistic services. Follow the link to get the full report

language technology


Duolingo was created by Luis von Ahn, PhD, and Severin Hacker, PhD,  its headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The company keeps on adding supported languages and winning prizes. Is it possible to learn a new language while offering translations in the same language combination? Maybe, watch the video to see how Duolingo works.