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Interview with Marja Vaba – Translation Quality Manager

Marja Vaba is a Translation Quality Manager working for one of the biggest and most innovative IT world companies. Her contribution is very useful to understand in which direction the translation/localization is going towards terminology management.

1) Linda Burchi: Could you please introduce yourself? What is your academic background, work experience and current position?
Marja Vaba: I have worked as Translation Quality Manager in a quickly growing software company for almost five years. When I started, it still felt like working in a start-up where going with the ideas was more important and beneficial than following documentation. Now the company is so big that following processes and having decent documentation and data-bases is essential for quality assurance in both software development and translation (quality) management. I have had the chance to build up the translation quality system in the company. I have found my background in linguistics and translation industry useful for that.

2) Linda Burchi: Is terminology an important variable on the web?
Marja Vaba: I think that terminology is an important variable in all texts because the consistent and systematic way we call things and phenomena is very important for reader/user understanding. There is also another aspect: in web, new products emerge very often, thus well-coined and motivated terms help users to understand better what they are buying/dealing with.

3) Linda Burchi: Has the web communication an influence on terminology?
Marja Vaba: It certainly does. In web, everybody has access not only to information, but also freedom to express their opinion. This also counts for terminology – kind of crowdsourcing is going on all the time if a company listens to its users/community.

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