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Jugnoo Tweet Visualizer – a better explanation

I found a great article on the blog tecnoetica written by Davide Bennato. I found it so interesting and precise that I translated it for all.

Jugnoo Tweet Visualizer: a tool to surf among tweets and hashtags.
One of the most frequent problems a social media analyst has to face is finding a reliable tool to surf rapidly within a group of tweet which refers to a specific account or a hashtag.
There are different solutions, different regarding the concept, the metrics and the analytic capacity.
An example is Tweet Topic Explorer by Jeff Clark (check on tecnoetica – translator’s note). As it happens sometimes there are other tools, and very interesting moreover under the graphic point of view.
Jugnoo Tweet Visualizer is an interesting tool which can be very useful while analyzing a twitter account or various accounts which have the same hashtags in common. The tool is provided by Jungoo, a Canadian company specialized in social media monitoring.
Jugnoo Tweet Visualizer is very easy to use: you just need to type in the search bar a Twitter account or a hashtag. Then you can perform several analysis based on 7 parameters (what, when, who, word, how, group, cloud) and get relative graphic representations.
1. What
With this function you can see which are the 5 bigger tweet groups, this groups depends on some variables like the words used and the handles who wrote them;
2. When
All tweets are visualized on a daily timeline. It’s useful to check when the most frequent visualizations have been done;
3. Who
All tweets are organized in a bar chart according to the account which produced them. This method is useful to find who’s the “influencer” in a hashtag (less suitable for account analysis);
4. Word
Tweets are organized in bubbles according to the word you searched. You should just click on one bubble to see how the tweets move;
5. How
All tweets are visualized on a bar chart according to the instrument used to send them (web, facebook, hootsuite, tweet button and so on);
6. Group
Tweets are grouped in bubbles according to the word used. If some tweets use the same words they will be inserted in the same group. This option is very useful to see the reetweet and mention functions;
7. Cloud
This is the classic tag cloud of the most frequent words, it is a great starting point. If you click on each word you will see the corresponding tweets highlighted.

I suggest you to start from the cloud function and then click on the icons above on the left to change the information visualized. click on this link


Unfortunately this tool is no more available.

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