language technology

Manypedia, for cross-national interest

Have you ever tried to read Wikipedia in different languages?

There is actually a big difference among all different countries and what you find in one language you don’t find it necessarily in another.

On Wikimedia you can load two pages at the same time, you can read them separately or machine translate them into your native language.

To be precise you can compare:

  • the images
  • the most frequent words using the DynaCloud jquery plugin
  • the number of edits
  • the date of creation
  • the date of last edit
  • the number of editors
  • the 5 editors who edited the most the page

The project is not directly related to Wikipedia but everything comes from two Italian guys Paolo Massa and Federico “fox” Scrinzi of the SoNet group at FBK.

Follow the link to start exploring Manypedia|en|Third_World|fa.

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